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Updated: Feb 11

PEC Translations has more than 7 years of experience in providing Business Translation Services.


Business Translation

Business Translation Services
Business Translation

Today even the smallest company is serving the global platform. Business translations made it

possible. The business translation service provider broke the language barriers and opened the gate to present even the local businesses globally. That is why the translation agencies started taking the business translations on priority.

To explain further, let’s take an example. Imagine you run a business in one country and you are about to close the deed with another international company. You need to sign the deed at the earliest. The barrier is the language of the deed document. This is when you need professional business translation services. There are several apps and websites that can translate documents faster for you. But, there are limitations. Humans cannot be replaced by machines. Moreover, business translation documents are considered confidential and contain sensitive information. In such a situation, hiring certified business translators will be the best choice.

Why Business Translation is Required

Business Translation services companies are a bliss for those who wish to achieve business success across the oceans. Rendering business documents through translations has become a daily practice for most entrepreneurs. When the businesses are available in multi-languages, they are considered as globally approachable. Hence, business translation services have become a need of the hour. Business document translations are required for various purposes.

Internal documentation and communications ex. HR policies, rules, and regulations.

Sales and business expansion. Providing business information in various languages helps companies increase their business reach.

Mark the global presence. Almost all high-end businesses prefer having their websites in multiple languages.

Benefits of Business Translation

  • High Business integrity- When you read something in your native language you tend to rust the data very easily. You feel it is trustworthy. All business translations do the same work for the other international businesses.

  • Increasing conversion rate- Once you have gained credibility through translated business documents, it is easy to convert the client. Hence, these documents help in gracing the conversion ratio.

  • Multilingual Online Presence- If your website is available in major native languages explaining what business you provide, your reader feels connected. The business has already crossed the borders of the languages.

  • Business Development- Having your all business translations ready in various languages can bring an inflow of business opportunities. It’ll help businesses explore the unexplored.

Top Industries Require Business Translation Services


Certified business translation agencies provide their services for almost all industries. However, the following is high demand list-

  1. Engineering & Manufacturing

  2. Publishing and Media

  3. Education

  4. Marketing & Advertising

  5. Travel & Tourism

  6. Automobile

  7. Media & entertainment

  8. Healthcare

  9. Financial

  10. Ecommerce

  11. Mobile & Video Games

  12. Website & SEO

  13. Mobile App

  14. Technology & Software

  15. Legal

  16. Video Translation

  17. Law, Govt & Politics

  18. Retail

  19. Style & Fashion

  20. Food & Drink

  21. Human resources

  22. Energy

  23. Insurance

  24. Transport & Logistics

Process of Business Translation

Your well-translated business document is just three steps away-

  1. Share your document with us (Online/offline)

  2. Our linguistic expert translates it

  3. We hand it over to you (online/offline)

 We, as a certified business translation agency, meet the ISO standard through the following steps.

The document can be submitted at your comfort, online or offline. We collect all the necessary information related to the document. The target language, the target audience, the purpose of the document translation, and anything else the client wishes to share.

We assign the work only to the certified linguistic expert, who specializes in both source and target language. We promise to maintain supreme confidentiality.

Translation experts from our business translation company want to deliver the furnished document. Thus, they re-read, revise and proofread the document several times before handing over it back to the client.

We give the document the way you want it, online or offline.

List of Business Documents We Translate

There is a huge list of documents for which the business document translation services are demanded by the entrepreneurs. Our language experts from various industries at PEC translation services provide business translation for the following documents-

  1. Memorandum Of Association

  2. Power Of Attorney

  3. Company Agreement

  4. Company Financial Budget

  5. Business plans

  6. Business proposals

  7. Business Correspondence

  8. Agreements and Contracts

  9. Business deeds

  10. Tender Documentation

  11. Insurance

  12. Annual Reports

  13. Company Documentation

  14. Brochures

  15. Advertising Material, etc

  16. Corporate communications

  17. General briefs

  18. White papers

  19. News releases

  20. Business researches

  21. PowerPoint presentations

  22. Leaflets

  23. Magazines

  24. Employee and customer satisfaction surveys and much more.

How long does Business Translation take?

PEC Translation Services is a Business translation service in India, which is known for on-time deliveries. But, there can not be an ideal answer for this as the time taken for the business translation document completely depends on the length and the type of the document. Complex documents can take a longer time.

How much does a Business Translation cost?

Various global business translation services charge differently depending on the scope of the work, the expertise required, the complexity and type of the document, and length of the document. Sometimes, the cost of the translation also depends on the target language too.

Certified or notarized translation, What to choose?

A document is called certified when it is translated by professional translators. These translators hold the authority to sign and assure the document with accuracy and authenticity. It confirms the quality of the translated documents. That is why it is best to hire certified translators for business document translations.

On the other hand, notarized translations are required for documents such as educational documents, like degree transcripts. Notarized translation is less about quality assurance but more about following the legal processes. The document needs to have a notary seal which requires an additional attestation service after the translation is complete.

How PEC Translations Will Help You to translate your business documents?

Acquiring the status of one of the best business translators in India, PEC translation services is also an ISO-certified business translation services company. May it be business document translations, legal translations, interpreting, or subtitling, PEC has a group of experts working with us providing high-quality services.

The Network of Expert Translators for Business Translation

Business document translation services required detailing and expertise to serve the standard document. Our large network of certified language experts makes us stand out from the crowd.

Business Translation Services for Your Every Need

Entrepreneurs need translations for various documents. PEC has served a wide range of industries, such as manufacturing and technology, e-commerce, website, law and finance, media and entertainment, and much more. The demand of every industry is different and we promise to fulfill the same.

A Human Translation Over Machine Translations

We all know about the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for translations. But there is a huge difference between machine and human translations. This is simply because machines do not understand the culture, the feel towards the native language and most importantly, they cannot relate words to the context.


How Do I Get Quality Subtitling work?

The subtitling work is majorly demanded in the entertainment industry. It is when the scripts and dialogues of the various media (films, ad films, or promotional videos) need to be translated into native languages. To achieve the quality of the subtitles, one needs to hire a certified translator who is thorough in source and native language. The best way to reach these experts is to approach the professional translation agencies,

Things to consider before hiring a business translation agency?

Business document translations need accuracy and authenticity. A client must look for the following points.

  • ISO certified translation agency.

  • Team of certified language experts.

  • Experience in the business translation industry.

  • In-time deliveries.

  • Assurance of the quality and the secrecy of the document.

  • Cost-effective.

How do I translate a Business officially?

For authentic business translation, it is advisable to hire a certified business translation agency, such as PEC translation services.

Who can legally translate a Business?

An ISO-certified translation service is authorized to legally translate the business documents. They generally have a team of certified translators who will provide authentic and on-time deliveries of the translated business document.

What decided the cost of business translation?

There is no fixed cost for business translation. Following are the factors that decide the price range for the business document translation.

  • The volume of the document- It means the length and depth of the document is a major factor that determines the price.

  • Target Language- Language translator charges high if a high level of expertise is required. For example, translation in a local language may take less cost as compared to the international languages.

  • The scope of the work- Sometimes a document may come complex. An extra effort needs to be put in by the translator to understand more details. There might be some specific requirements of the client that will further raise the cost of the translation.

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