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German Translation Services

Updated: Feb 5

German Translation Services
German Translation Services

In the world, there are about 7139 spoken languages. Amongst them German is also the most widely spoken language all over the globe. Any translation from or to this language requires mastery over the language. The linguists need to be thorough about the grammar rules and vocabulary, but they also need to know some basic knowledge of legal, medical, or commercial industries in the country.

We, at PEC translations, have certified German translators associated with us. They are renowned to provide accurate and authentic translations. PEC assures the client convenience and the confidentiality of the document. Our process of translations is transparent and affirms the quality of the project.

Why German Translation is Required?

Translations are required when someone is willing to communicate to and from the source language through a written or oral content. Any content that needs to be

rendered from German to any other language or from any other language to German, should be done through the certified translation services. The translations can be required for various documents such as educational, personal, or commercial. The translator has to make sure that the context of the content is not changed and is adhered to the original content. The demand for German translations is rapidly rising in various industries Such as manufacturing, law, film and entertainment, and many more. For instance, when a domestic film producer wants to release a film all over the world, he/she demands subtitling or voice-over translations. It lets the audio-visual content reach a larger audience.

Types of German Translation Services We Provide.

  • Document Translation in German -

Document translation is a process of rendering the document from source language to target language. Legal, personal, financial, business or research are some of the most commonly demanded document translations. For documents such as legal or financial, the certification of translation is necessary. A translator who has taken a translation course from a reputed institute, is authorised to give the certificate of translation assuring the accuracy and the completion of the document.

  • Business Translation in German -

Since globalization, many countries have opened their gates for international trade. This has helped boost the global economy further. As a result of this, the demand for German business translations is remarkably high. With PEC translation services, we assure you that you will get the best quality of business translation.

  • Voiceover and Subtitling Services in German -

This service is mostly demanded by the film and entertainment industry. Similarly, The need for subtitling and subtitling translation services is on-demand like never before. The new digital streaming platforms have made sure that their content has reached the micro-level. We provide German translation services for voice-over and subtitle translations too.

We Provide Voice Over and Subtitling-

  1. Feature Films

  2. Ad films

  3. Short Films

  4. Business Promotional Films

  5. Audio Books

  6. E-Learning

  7. Animation Films

  • Transcreation Services in German -

Transcreation is a creative field. To target the various international markets, and to create a one-to-one connection with the residents, transcreation is the best way. Many popular companies prefer doing their campaigns by transcreating their content in German. We at PEC also provide transcreation services to support your marketing campaigns and get the best results out of them.

PEC Provides Transcreation Services For-

  1. Slogans

  2. Taglines

  3. Product Names

  4. Marketing content(emails or newsletters)

  5. Subtitles

  6. Digital Apps

  • Website Localization in German -

Almost all big international brands have their websites in multiple languages. To make sure to target the huge German-speaking population in the world, it has become a need of the hour to translate the website. But the changing scenario demands the website localisation rather than the website translation. There is a difference in both. A translation is a word-to-word rendering of the content. Localisation means understanding the cultural sensitivities while rendering the content. We at PEC translation services, provide website localization for 100+ languages.

  • Interpreting Services in German -

We have a group of German interpreters who can be a mediator for the events, such as corporate meetings, conferences, or seminars. We provide interpretation services for e-conferences, face-to-face meetings, or over-the-phone meetings too. The interpreter tries to convey the message on the spot in the native language of the receiver. The interpreter has to be prompt and accurate while interpreting the content.

  • University Transcript Services in German -

Any student who is willing to study abroad has to get their university transcriptions translated into the native language of the destination country. If you wish to study in a German-speaking province, you need to get your transcripts translated from the source language to the German language. Then only your application will be considered for further proceedings. We at PEC understand how necessary it is for you to get the transcriptions translated into the target language. Our linguists will deliver the translated transcripts within a time and with utmost accuracy.

  • Book Translation in German -

German literature is known for its enriched content. We believe that literature translations can enhance the reading experience. By translating the literature, the readers get a wide variety to choose from and read. When the global literature is translated into German, the residents get exposure to the best literature from all around the world. We provide literature translations with multilingual DTP too.

In this process, we do not just translate the text, but we typeset and design the book according to the target audience’s reading habit. For Example, in some languages, the text should be readable from right to left according to their reading habit. Our multilingual DTP experts can set the book accordingly.

  • Types of Books Translations We Provide-

  1. Academic Books

  2. Fictions

  3. Non-Fictions

  4. Biographies

  5. Textbooks

  •  Process of German Translation Services

The process of German Translation is just like any other translation that you opt for. Your document goes through three stages.

  1. Submit the Document (online/offline)

  2. We translate it to German or from German

  3. We submit the translated document (online/offline)

While we translate the documents our certified German translators make sure to do the following things-

  • Take the details- Our translators take all the details from you. If it is a German document then which should be the target language and vice versa. We also try to understand what is your target audience or what is the purpose of the translation. This helps our translators to be more clear on the concepts and give you the best.

  • Follow Style Guides and Glossary- We also confirm if the client wants us to follow a certain style guide or we need to prepare a glossary of words. Many clients demand to see the words and their meanings before they want the translators to start the process. This mostly happens when the client wants to translate the legal documents. We understand that such documents need accurate translations. Any misinterpretation of words can cause legal discrepancies. Our translators keep following up with the client to reach the accuracy of the translated documents.

  • Re-check and Proofread- Once the document is ready, our certified translators make sure to re-read, re-check and proofread the document again and again before finally submitting it back to the client. Our translators make sure that the content is grammatically correct, the syntax and sentence formations are according to the German language rules.

  • Industries That Require German Translation Services

Almost all the industries are thriving to mark their presence globally. Having a branch office in all the leading countries is on the to-do list of many entrepreneurs. Globalization has attracted trade from all over the world. Following are the industries that rank top when it comes to settling in German-Speaking country,

E-Commerce Industries

  1. Marketing & Advertising

  2. Transport & Logistics

  3. Education translation

  4. Publishing and Media

  5. Healthcare translation

  6. Style & Fashion

  7. Finance Industry

  8. Law, Government & Politics

  9. Travel & Tourism

  10. Technology & Software

We provide translations for all industries. We know how important it is to get your business translated into various regional, national, and international languages. Your translated content represents your business in a foreign land, the more accurate it is the higher will be the credibility of your business.

  • List of Documents We Translate in the German Language

Document translation is one of the most demanded services. When people are traveling overseas for various reasons, such as education, travel, or business, they must translate the documents into the travel country’s regional language. We at PEC translation services receive demand for translations for the following types of documents.

  • Commercial Document

  1. Financial Document

  2. Audit Documents

  3. Bank Statements

  4. Annual Reports

  5. Investment Marketing Document

  6. Insurance Marketing Document

  7. Insurance Policy

  8. Equity Research Reports

  9. Shareholder Information

  10. Business Correspondence

  11. Campaigns

  12. Advertising

  13. Quotations

  14. Business Research Papers

  15. Market Researches

  16. Deed or Lease Document

  17. Personal or Legal Document

  18. Birth Certificate

  19. Marriage Certificate

  20. Death Certificate

  21. Power of Attorney

  22. Driving License

  23. Medical Certificate

  24. Divorce Certificate

  25. Name Change Affidavit

  26. Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

  27. Domicile Certificate

  28. Educational or Academic Document-

  29. Degree Certificate

  30. Diploma Certificate

  31. Degree Transcripts

  32. Research Papers

  33. Thesis

  34. Scholarships and Related Documents

  35. Recommendation or Testimonial Letters

  36. Record or Progress Books

  37. School or College Leaving Certificates

  38. University Migration Certificate

  39. Bonafide Certificate

  • How Much Do German Translation Services Cost? //Missing

The demand for German translations is rising rapidly. The rates of these services depend on various factors such as the type of translation required, the type of the source content, the

length of the source content, and any other additional expertise that is required. It can be explained further

  • Type of Source Content- The source content can come in any type such as document, audio, video, or literature. The cost of the translation varies from type to type. The text content is charged on a per word and per-page basis. Audio-visual content is charged on a per minute and per-second basis. So the charges differ according to the type of translation.

  • Type of Translation- There are various types of translations. Such as website translations, voice-over translations, subtitling translations, document translations, and many more. The charges depend on which type of translation is demanded by the client. For instance, the book translation will take longer than the university transcript translations.

  • Length of the Source Content- The longer the source content the longer will be the time required. For example, if the content needs subtitles translations. The subtitles translation for 3 hour-long films will take longer than the short ad-film.

  • Additional Expertise Required- Sometimes the translation needs some experts to advise other than the linguists. If the source content is too technical, the linguists may ask for advice from the technical expertise to get more conceptual clarity. This helps the translator to reach the high-quality.

  • How Long Does the German Translation Services Take?

It simply depends on the type of documents. The time required to translate the thesis will be higher than the time required to translate the birth certificate. Yet again there is no particular timeline for this. But, we at PEC translation services, understand time is money, and we will deliver you the translated copy in a given time.

  • The word count- The higher the number of words, the longer the time required.

The length of the document determines the time taken for the translation.

  • The complexity of the content- Sometimes the technical documents can be complex to understand for the translator.

  • Translation speed of the language expert- Highly experienced German language translators will take a shorter time than the fresher.

Any other special requirement- Depending on the complexity of the document, some clients may ask for the subject matter experts for a better understanding of the content. This may take a bit longer as it all depends on the availability of the language and subject matter experts.

  • How to Get Good and Reliable German Translation Services

To get the best certified German translation for a language, one must employ a professional translation service provider which ensures the accuracy of the

conversion of the corresponding content. PEC is a trustworthy translation agency as we have the best of experienced translators that have gained skill in the area they work in. You can contact us online to get your doubts cleared.

  • Things to Consider While Choosing the Best German Translation Service

Many leading translation agencies are well known for their German translation services. Make sure you consider the following things before hiring the agency that fulfills your translation requirements.

  • Certified Language Translator- When the translator holds the certificate of excellence, he/she has obtained the standard of accuracy of both, the source and the target language. Clients must choose for the German translation agencies that have a group of certified experts. Only these translators can provide the statement of certification assuring the completion and the accuracy of the translations.

  • Proven Experience- (Portfolio or Samples)- One can also ask for sample translations or a portfolio of work done. This gives the client an idea about the translator’s capabilities.

  • Specialization Area- Language translation is required for various businesses, such as technical, medical, website, literature, or film. It is better to choose the best language translator depending on the area of specialization.

  • The Purpose of the Translation and Target Audience- Every translator needs to understand why the content is being translated to the target language, who is the target audience? These factors determine the tone of the document.

  • How PEC Translations Will Help You With The German Translation Process?

PEC Translations is one of the topmost German translation agencies with 6+ years of experience and ISO certification. PEC translations can help you with the translation process in the following way-

  • Certified Linguists- We have German language experts who are certified and are authorized to give you the statement of certification assuring the accuracy and

completion of the translation. You can get the best services if you give your assignments to the hands of our language experts. They assure the expertise in both the source and the target language.

  • On-time Deliveries- With the experience of 6+ years in translation services, our language translation company is well known for providing on-time deliveries. We know that you approached us because you wanted faster delivery and with accuracy, our team assures both.

  • Accuracy and Confidentiality on Priority- The document contains sensitive personal or professional information. We promise to keep it that way. Also, we at PEC follow all the standard procedures to meet the accuracy. Hence we are one of the best language translation companies, providing accurate content and maintaining its privacy too.

  • Translation at Your Comfort. Online/Offline or Pick Up and Drop Facility-

You can easily submit your documents online too. But if you wish to give the hard copies, we also provide pick and drop service.

  • Only Human Translators, No Artificial Intelligence, No Machines-

We do not believe that machines can replace human translators. We do not use any tools for translations. We only give it to experts. Simply because machines do not know the cultural differences, they do not know the context. AI only knows word-to-word translations which will mislead the translated content.

  • Patient and Responsive Customer Service-

Call us and our patient and humble customer service executive will resolve all your queries at any given time. They are equally keen to understand your needs and fulfill the same.

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