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Guide to University Admissions in France: Essential Documents and Requirements

Updated: Feb 5

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Guide to University Admissions in France: Essential Documents and Requirements

Discover the key documents and requirements for students seeking admission to French universities. Whether you're from Europe or elsewhere, this guide covers everything from application processes to student visas.

Navigating the admission process for French universities can be a complex endeavor, especially for international students. France, known for its high-quality education at relatively lower tuition fees, attracts a diverse student body. The application process and document requirements can vary based on whether you are from a European or a Non-European country.

For European Students

European students looking to enroll in French universities typically need the following documents:

  • A fully completed university application form.

  • A valid ID or driver’s license.

  • High school transcripts or equivalent academic records.

  • An essay, if required by the university.

  • English proficiency test results (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo).

  • Application for financial aid, if available.

  • Application fee, if applicable.

  • Other specific documents as requested by the university.

For Non-European Students

Non-European students have a slightly different set of requirements:

A completed university application.

  • High school and, if applicable, college transcripts.

  • A copy of your passport.

  • A passport-sized photo.

  • An essay, if required.

  • English proficiency test results.

  • A copy of your birth certificate.

  • A certified translation of your parents' birthplaces.

  • Proof of financial self-sufficiency.

  • Other specific documents as per university requirements.

  • A French Student Visa after admission.

General Entry Requirements

Regardless of nationality, most French universities will ask for:

  • A Campus France authorization.

  • A passport copy.

  • A passport-sized photo.

  • Copies of academic transcripts and graduation diplomas.

  • European health card for EU students.

  • An application fee, if required.

  • A civil liability certificate.

  • A cover letter.

  • Proof of French and/or English language proficiency.

  • Evidence of financial support.

Master's Program Entry & Guide to University Admissions in France

For those applying to Master's programs in France, keep in mind:

  • The duration of Masters in France is typically two years.

  • The structure includes teaching units, practical workshops, theoretical discussions, and a dissertation.

  • There are two main types of Masters - Specialized Masters and MBA programs, each with specific requirements. #Guide_to_University_Admissions_in_France

PhD Programs

Applying for a PhD in France involves:

  • Finding a thesis topic and supervisor.

  • Checking with your doctoral school for funding requirements.

  • Most PhDs are conducted as part of a program within doctoral schools in collaboration with research labs.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees in French universities vary:

  • Bachelor's degree: Approximately 2,770 euros per year.

  • Master's degree: Around 3,770 euros per year.

  • PhD degree: About 380 euros per year.

Student Visa Requirements

Non-European students need:

  • An acceptance letter from a French institution.

  • Proof of financial sufficiency (around €615/month).

  • A return ticket home.

  • Medical insurance coverage.

  • Proof of accommodation.

  • French language proficiency for French-taught courses.

Studying in English

Many French universities offer programs taught in English, and understanding French is not always a prerequisite.

Popular Courses in France

  • Arts: France’s rich artistic heritage makes it an ideal destination for art students.

  • Business: International Business courses are particularly sought-after.

  • Law: French law degrees are recognized for their high academic standards.

Applying to French universities requires careful preparation of various documents, understanding the specific requirements for your nationality, and being aware of the financial and legal aspects of studying in France. Whether you're pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral studies, ensure all documents are accurately prepared and submitted within the application deadlines.


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