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Language Translation In Pune

Updated: Feb 11

Translation Services
Language Translation In Pune

Language Translation In Pune

Language translation is a very specific process. When someone needs language

translation, they are demanding a translation on a very micro level such as

translating a word or a phrase. The language translators are experts in both,

source and target language. They translate the word or a phrase in a culturally

and linguistically correct way so that the target audience easily understands it.

To provide accurate language translation, the translator needs to have a

thorough knowledge of vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, phrases, words, and

other contexts. There are translation agencies that have a group of language

experts who can translate into multiple languages. Though there is an option for

online language translators, it is better to rely on the certified language

translators. They can successfully translate the content from one language to

another with high accuracy.

Why Language Translation is Required?

Language translations are required for multiple reasons. Following is the list.

Attracts business- Language translation has been attracting the business from all over

the world. The language translation services help present the business in multiple

languages which further increases the global presence of the business.

Technical text language translation- Various companies providing various technical

services prefer presenting the content in multiple languages. When the technical terms

are present in multiple or native languages they reach locally to the larger crowd.

Hence, it is important to have technical text language translation.

Most useful for the travel and tourism industry- Whenever you will visit any travel

agency or check their website or brochure or any promotional literature for that matter,

you’ll find it available in multiple languages. The reason being, it increases the user-

friendliness of the literature. To further boost their business, and promote tourism, the

content must be in local as well as global languages.

Scope in every field- Though language translation is a must for the travel and tourism

industry, it is largely adopted by almost all the fields, such as Medical, manufacturing

and production, e-commerce, entertainment, and finance too.

How to get a Language Translation Service in Pune?

With many translation services providers out there, it is difficult for a client to

choose the best and reliable option. Agencies are providing similar services in a

package of similar languages, with the same processing of the translation.

Consider these following points while hiring a language translation service

provider in Pune.

1.Certification- Search for the agency’s website. Look for the ISO

certification. When the company holds a valid certification, it has achieved

it through years of experience and quality service.

2. Cost-effective Services- The most important factor to decide the

agency. Keep an eye on the cost of the project. Once you shortlist the

agencies, you can ask for the quotations and compare them. Select the

best one which will promise to give you the best quality of service at

reasonable rates.

3. Human Translations only. No AI or Machine Translation-There are

various software and online platforms that can provide you translations in

a shorter period and at a cheaper cost. Artificial intelligence will give you

word-to-word technical translations without considering the context of the

content. Search for a company whose translators do not rely on the tools

but do the translations on their own.

4. Confidentiality- Last but the most important factor of consideration

while choosing the translation service provider. Your documents contain

sensitive information regarding yourself or your business. You need to be

assured that this information is in safe hands. Make sure that the company

you are choosing assures to handle your documents or the data with

supreme secrecy.

List of Languages We Translate in Pune

Content translation can come in any form such as documents, records, videos,

and websites. As there are various forms of source content, there are

enormous numbers of languages in which the source content can be submitted.

We at PEC have a wide range of native translations in local, national, and

international languages. Our certified translators have extensive knowledge

about both languages.

We have expert translators in the following languages

  1. German Italian

  2. German (Swiss) Turkish

  3. Spanish Portuguese

  4. Mandarin English

  5. Japanese Dutch

  6. Arabic Malayalam

  7. French Somali

  8. Russian Swedish

  9. Korean Thai

  10. Hindi Urdu

List of Documents We Translate in Pune

Each document carries a different purpose and information. The document

translation has become necessary as one single document can be of use for

various reasons. But to improve its credibility, translation is required.

We understand that the documents carry sensitive information. That is why

professional translation services play a vital role in maintaining the credibility of

the document while translating it. We are bound to keep the documents secret

and be transparent in our process. Our efficient translators are experts in

translating the following documents.

Commercial document:

● Financial Document

● Audit Documents

● Bank Statements

● Annual Reports

● Investment Marketing Document

● Insurance Marketing Document

● Insurance Policy

● Equity Research Reports

● Shareholder Information

● Business Correspondence

● Campaigns

● Advertising

● Quotations

● Business Research Papers

● Market Researches

● Deed or Lease Document

The personal or legal document

● Birth Certificate

● Marriage Certificate

● Death Certificate

● Power of Attorney

● Driving License

● Medical Certificate

● Divorce Certificate

● Name Change Affidavit

● Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

● Domicile Certificate

Educational or Academic Document-

● Degree Certificate

● Diploma Certificate

● Degree Transcripts

● Research Papers

● Thesis

● Scholarships and Related Documents

● Recommendation or Testimonial Letters

● Record or Progress Books

● School or College Leaving Certificates

● University Migration Certificate

● Bonafide Certificate

List of Industries for which We provide Language Translation in Pune

  1. Engineering & Manufacturing

  2. Publishing and Media

  3. Education

  4. Marketing & Advertising

  5. Travel & Tourism

  6. Automobile

  7. Entertainment

  8. Healthcare

  9. Financial

  10. Ecommerce

  11. Mobile & Video Games

  12. Website & SEO

  13. Mobile App

  14. Technology & Software

  15. Legal

  16. Video Translation

  17. Govt & Politics

  18. Retail

  19. Style & Fashion

  20. Food & Drink

  21. Human resources

  22. Energy

  23. Insurance

  24. Transport & Logistics

Language Translation Process We follow

Get accurate language translation for your business in just three steps-

1) Give us your document (Online/Offline)
2) We translate it.
3) We submit the document (Online/Offline)

Collect the document and details-

The first step is to collect the document and the details. Online language translators will

collect all the information online. And also may call the clients for any clarification. We at

PEC translation services will take the documents at your comfort, online or offline. We

also provide pick and drop service in case the client wishes to submit the document

offline and can’t directly come to us.

Translation process begins-

The language translation agencies will choose the best suitable translator from their

source. The selection of the translator is done based on the type of the content, the

source as well as the target language of the content, and the expertise required.

The translator uses the following techniques for the translation-

● Find relevant keyword-Language translations need an accurate word that will

not change the context of the content. The first step that is generally followed by

the translator is to find the relevant keyword. This is majorly required when the

document is too technical.

● Follow the style guides and glossary- Some corporate clients give specific

guidelines to be followed. Many businesses set their style guides for writing or

designing. Style guides are the set of rules which bring everyone on the same

page. It is also related to the branding of the company. Hence, it is of utmost

importance for the translator to follow it.

● Proofreading and editing- This is a final stage followed by all the translators.

They will proofread and edit the content if necessary. The major aim of

proofreading is to recheck if the content is sound and smooth in the target

language and it is not changing the context of the source content.

Submitting the document-

We submit back the translated document to the client. The way they want it,


How Much Do Language Translation Services Cost in Pune?

There are many translation service providers in Pune. But there is no fixed

number for the cost of translations. The following factors determine the cost of

the translation-

1) Type of service- The price depends on which type of translation is

required. If it is a text document it will be on a per word basis. If it is a

subtitle or voice-over translation, the charges will be on a per-second

basis. So the price for the translation services that you ask for depends on

what type you need it for.

2) Length of the Content- May it be a document, video, or audio, the price of

the translation depends on the length of the source content. When the

document is longer the charges will be higher. University transcript

translation will cost less than the entire book translation. Similarly, The

price required to subtitle the feature film will be higher than the charges for

the feature film.

3) Multilingual Translation- Sometimes the content needs to be translated

into more than one language. Services such as subtitling or transcreation,

are demanded in more than one language by the marketing agencies.

They also need more than one service in different languages. This

increases the cost of the translation services.

How long does the Language Translation Services take?

Depending on the requirement of the client, corporate language translators, tries to

provide the on-time delivery of the content. The following factors determine the

language translation-

● The word count- The higher the number of words, the longer the time required.

The length of the document determines the time taken for the language


● The complexity of the content- Sometimes the technical documents can be

complex to understand for the translator.

● Translation speed of the language expert- High-experienced corporate

language translators will take a shorter time than the fresher.

● Any other special requirement- Depending on the complexity of the document,

some clients may ask for the subject matter experts for a better understanding of

the content. This may take a bit longer as it all depends on the availability of the language and subject matter experts.

Things to consider during Translation Service in Pune

For authentic and accurate language translations, companies prefer hiring the best

language translators in Pune. They should consider the following points before handing

over their precious documents for translations.

Certified Language Translator- When the translation holds the certificate of

excellence, he/she has obtained the standard of accuracy of the source and target

language. Clients must choose for the language translation agencies that have a group

of certified language experts. Only these translators can provide the statement of


Proven experience- (Portfolio or samples)- One can also ask for sample translations

or a portfolio of work done. This gives the client an idea about the translator’s

capabilities. And they should have the assurance of the work.

Specialization area- Language translation is required for various businesses, such as

technical, medical, website, literature, or film. It is better to choose the best language

translator in Pune depending on the area of specialization.

The purpose of the translation and target audience- Every translator needs to

understand why the content is being translated to the target language, who is the target

audience? These factors determine the tone of the document.

How PEC Translations Will Help You with the Language Translation


PEC Translations is one of the topmost translation agencies in Pune with 6+

years of experience and ISO certification. PEC translations can you with the

translation process in the following way-

Range of linguistic experts- We have a huge range of linguistic experts,

starting from local to global. Not just that, but all translators are certified,

translators. This means they are authorized to provide your translation with the

statement of certification.

On-time deliveries- With the experience of 6+ years in translation services, our

language translation company is well known for providing on-time deliveries. We

know that you approached us because you wanted faster delivery and with

accuracy, our team assures both.

Accuracy and confidentiality on priority- The document contains sensitive

personal or professional information. We promise to keep it that way. Also, we at

PEC follow all the standard procedures to meet the accuracy. Hence we are one

of the best language translatio n companies, providing accurate content and

maintaining its privacy too.

Translation at your comfort- Online/offline or pick up and drop facility-

You can easily submit your documents online too. But if you wish to give the

hard copies, we also provide pick and drop service.

Only human translators, no AI, no machines-

We do not believe that machines can replace human translators. We do not use

any tools for translations. We only give it to experts. Simply because machines

do not know the cultural differences, they do not know the context. AI only knows

word-to-word translations which will mislead the translated content.

Patient and responsive customer service-

Call us and our patient and humble customer service executive will resolve all

your queries at any given time. They Are equally keen to understand your needs

and fulfill the same.


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